Keeping your Business Email Safe with Microsoft Exchange

Keeping your Business Email Safe with Microsoft Exchange


You may have already heard of Microsoft’s Online Exchange, but you might not be aware of how good it can be in terms of security.

As a business, you’ll want to ensure that all your emails, your contact information and your files are all completely safe and protected when stored on cloud software, so let’s take a closer look at how Microsoft Exchange has your best interests in mind.


Anti-Malware and Virus Protection through Microsoft Exchange Online Protection

If you’re worried about malware finding its way onto your computer via the cloud, you’ll be glad to know that anti-malware protection is included in the cost of Microsoft Online Exchange.

To set it up, all you need to do is select your chosen malware filter settings by going to the Exchange Admin Centre (EAC). From here, you’ll be able to use mail flow rules to block certain extensions commonly associated with malware, or files that contain particular words or phrases. You may even choose to block all messages and emails that contain executable files – as these are usually the cause of malware transmission.

Additionally, Microsoft Exchange Online Protection includes multiple scan engines designed to protect against malware – Covering both known and unknown threats. These layered defences ensure that you’re far less likely to inadvertently receive malware through your inbox and has been proven to be more powerful in terms of protection than a single layer engine.

The reason Microsoft Exchange can provide such a strong level of protection is down to the fact Microsoft works closely with anti-malware engineers, who strive to develop malware identification and patches before any harm can be done.


Advanced Threat Protection

Another way to ensure you’re as safe as possible when using the cloud is to purchase Microsoft Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection. This is an add-on service that’s available to select users of Microsoft Exchange and/or Office 365. It protects against advanced threats, staying up to date on new malware campaigns and viruses that appear on a daily basis.

The feature works in real-time to update against these sophisticated new attacks, so use it if you want to be absolutely certain you’re safe at all times.

While many people take chances with their online safety and end up just fine, is it really worth the risk? When using software for business, we strongly recommend choosing the products with the best levels of security to ensure that your personal information is well protected.


If you don’t yet have Microsoft Exchange, consider purchasing it from We offer both Plan 1 and Plan 2, as well as Microsoft Exchange Kiosk, so you’ll have everything you need to get started with professional quality email storage for your business.


If there’s anything at all you’d like to know about Microsoft Exchange before buying, don’t hesitate to get in touch as we’ll be happy to help you choose your ideal product.

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