Why is MathMac Pro Edition so much more expensive than Personal Edition

MathMagic Pro Editons come with more: InDesign plug-ins or QuarkXPress XTensions which handle equations more efficiently within InDesign or QuarkXPress, and more fonts.
It also comes with other advanced features, like color EPS handling, more control overs spacing and equation shape, more Nudge adjustment, and more.

And, the Pro Editions are more vertical market products than Personal Edition.
Pro Editions and XTensions are for those Pro-sumers who make money using MathMagic and it helps them get high quality results efficiently. MathMagic Pro brings a ROI(return-on-investment) within 1 week by enabling you the ability to deal with quality equations in one tenth of the time of the more conventional methods.
Pro Edition targets some portion (less than 10%) of InDesign users or QuarkXPress users compared to Personal Edition’s general users and education market.

We provide free unlimited email based customer support. And free inbound phone calls as well at the moment. Pro edition users require more support, affecting the price as well.

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