Where are the keyframes

The ProAnimator has a new way of animating that is called “behavioral” animation. Behavioral animation lets you tell the objects “how” they are supposed to act. The program then applies these behaviors to any number of objects and automatically adjusts the speed and motion of the objects so that all of the objects perform their motions within the specified amount of time.

If you are a traditional keyframe animator you can think of one of the ProAnimator’s Pose segments (dark blue bars) as a single keyframe. You use one Pose to set where the objects start and another Pose to set where the objects stop.

The Transition segments (light blue bars) control the path that the objects take when moving between the Poses. This is a totally new concept. Keyframe animators are used to editing the keyframes as a way of influencing an object’s path. But in the ProAnimator you control the path directly.

If you really want to use keyframes then the ProAnimator has that option too. In the Path controls there is a button called “Keyframe Based” This makes path shape be controlled only by the position of each object in space. So by making each Pose 1 frame in duration and using the Keyframe Based option you will get the same response as a standard keyframe program.

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