What is the difference between MathMagic and MathType™ ?

There are many differences as well as similarities between these two. MathMagic was originally designed for the high-end desktop publishing market to meet their high quality printing and accurate adjustment needs. So it was first launched as a XTension for QuarkXPress® 3.3 on Macintosh.
And then standalone application versions of MathMagic, Personal Edition and Pro Editions, were released simultaneously for Macintosh, Mac OS X, Windows, and Java platform to meet various customers’ needs.
So, MathMagic is designed and optimized for the quality of work required by professional publishing, and adding features such as being able to re-edit equations on the spot, and applying fine adjustments.
MathMagic, however, like some other equation editing software, adopts a similiar user interface to MathType™ in some places. This is mainly because many mathematical notations and math symbols are commonly supported by these applications. This will also help any previous MathType™ or any other equation editor software users switch to MathMagic easily without much additional learning time.

MathType is also another good equation editor for general use. But it is not optimized for the high-end publishing as is MathMagic. For example, with MathMagic, you don’t need any annoying external processes to build mathematical equations in your QuarkXPress or Adobe InDesign documents. Equations created with MathType can be converted into EPS format to be imported into a graphic box of QuarkXPress or InDesign. But the imported equations require you to switch back to MathType for modification everytime. Moreover, the EPS image can not be imported as an Inline graphic. The imported equation does not automatically align to the text base line either.

With MathMagic, you can modify equations simply by double-clicking or right-clicking, which should improve your productivity very much if you are a heavy equation user. MathMagic automatically aligns its equations to the baseline of the current text line in QuarkXPress and InDesign, which saves you a lot of time in editing technical documents.
MathMagic also allows you to specify your own fonts, style, and size within the equation, just like a word processor. It comes with a very intuitive interface.

So many users found MathMagic much more useful and productive. Actually many of MthMagic users are swtiched users from MathType™ or Equation Editor™.

Please refer to the Comparison chart for the details.

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