How do I create a shortcut on my desktop to Outlook Web App?

Mac and Windows users can create a convenient shortcut that will allow them to double click an icon on their desktop to open Outlook Web App:

Windows Users

  1. Right click on an empty area of your Windows desktop.
    2. SelectNew and Shortcut.
    3. In the “Type the location” space, enter the following:
    4. Click Next, and enter the following in the “Type a name” space: Outlook Web App
    5. Click Finish.

Mac Users

1. Open Safari.
2. Type in the following address in the address bar, but do not press the return key:
3. Highlight the address you just typed in your address bar.
4. Click and drag the address and drop it on your Mac desktop.

Note: This method will also work in Firefox, but if Safari is your default web browser, it will launch when the shortcut is clicked. Directions for changing the default browser on a Mac are available here under the “Choosing a default browser” section:


What is the Difference Between Adobe Creative Cloud for Individual and Adobe Creative Cloud for Team

Creative Cloud for Teams vs. Individuals

Creative Cloud for Teams  Creative Cloud for Teams  Creative Cloud for Individuals
How can i Buy You can visit AISPLSTORE/Adobe to check the Subscription Option along with Payment Options. Currently Adobe sell this license Online in India via their portal ADOBE
How many VIP/Membership Number do i get? One per organization One per year
Does membership include work group collaboration tools? Yes No
Can i manage the software centrally? Yes No
If a user leaves the Organization does the membership stay with the organization? Yes No
Can i transfer my membership to another user? Yes No
Whom is the  membership associated with? Organization An Individual
Online Storage Availability 100 GB per user 20 GB per user
Subscription Options Available  Minimum 12 Months – Maximum 36 Months Yearly Only