Managing Image Licenses with Adobe Stock


Increasing Use of Images Creates Challenges

As visual content becomes more important, large organizations are facing unique challenges. According to the CMO Council, 65% of senior executives say that visuals are critical to how their brands communicate. 46% feel that photography drives their marketing and storytelling efforts. Large organizations need a steady supply of fresh images, videos and other visual assets. Yet they also require the right tools for integrating images into the creative workflow, managing image licenses, controlling costs and tracking usage.


Streamlined Workflows for Creatives

For businesses that rely on visuals, a streamlined workflow is key. “We work in a very visual business. Photos and video are what we trade in, so having access to everything in Adobe Creative Cloud is very important for us,” says Williams.

Designers can search Adobe Stock’s image libraries through an in-app search feature. For example, when your design team is working on a project in a Creative Cloud app, it’s possible to find a photo, create watermarked libraries to share with your team, automatically apply edits made to watermarked images to the licensed images, and share content changes across teams for consistency. Each step happens in Creative Cloud’s integrated interface, eliminating collaboration challenges and unnecessary administrative steps.


Eliminate Duplicate Purchases and Redundancy

For large organizations, eliminating duplicate purchases and redundancy is key. Adobe Stock for enterprise’s advanced reporting capabilities improve budget controls and let teams quickly see whether images have been used before. Pooled images makes it easy to share images across teams, without having to email assets back and forth. When updates are made to images in the library, your team can access the latest version for consistency across channels. You have better control over both your team’s time and your brand’s visual identity.


Managing Licensing Rights

Enterprise users have access to a single dashboard to manage their licenses. Images are royalty-free, with no file restrictions in terms of deadlines or expiration dates, and no geographical restrictions. Plus Adobe Stock for enterprise offers unlimited distribution, print runs and usage rights. For large organizations with unique needs, it’s also possible to explore custom licensing agreements. Adobe Stock’s licensing management meets critical licensing and indemnification requirements or organizations that deliver global brand campaigns – allowing expanded creative freedom and minimizing administrative responsibilities.

Learn more about how Adobe Stock for enterprise lets your team find the perfect image while meeting critical licensing requirements


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