How do I create a shortcut on my desktop to Outlook Web App?

Mac and Windows users can create a convenient shortcut that will allow them to double click an icon on their desktop to open Outlook Web App:

Windows Users

  1. Right click on an empty area of your Windows desktop.
    2. SelectNew and Shortcut.
    3. In the “Type the location” space, enter the following:
    4. Click Next, and enter the following in the “Type a name” space: Outlook Web App
    5. Click Finish.

Mac Users

1. Open Safari.
2. Type in the following address in the address bar, but do not press the return key:
3. Highlight the address you just typed in your address bar.
4. Click and drag the address and drop it on your Mac desktop.

Note: This method will also work in Firefox, but if Safari is your default web browser, it will launch when the shortcut is clicked. Directions for changing the default browser on a Mac are available here under the “Choosing a default browser” section:

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