How can I convert MS Word equations into MathMagic?

There are many ways to bring your equations from MS Word documents to MathMagic.

If it is just for one ~ several equations, you can select one equation and copy it to the Clipboard from your Word document, then paste it into MathMagic window. Just repeat this Copy & Paste for the rest equations. This will work if the equation was created with MS Word Equation Editor 3.0 or MathType(v4.x ~ 6.x). If the equation was created with the new equation editor introduced in MS Word 2007 or newer.

Or, if you do not have MS Word application to open up the MS Word documents, or if there are too many equations to repeat Copy-Paste in your Word document, or if for multiple Word documents (.doc or .docx), MathMagic has the “Batch conversion” feature for you. Launch MathMagic, select File -> “Convert…” menu item to bring up the following converter window, where you can select MS Word files for input and any output format you’d like to convert to, such as EPS, PDF, JPEG, PNG, GIF, MathML, LaTeX, Wiki equation, Speech text, … (format varies by platform).

You can also check “Extract all images from Word file to …” Checkbox if you’d like to extract all other images from Word files during the conversion as separate image files.

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