Corel Draw Vs. Adobe Illustrator: Here’s What You Need to Know

Corel Draw Vs. Adobe Illustrator: Here’s What You Need to Know


Whether digital illustration and artwork are your favourite hobbies or you work on creative projects professionally at work, getting set up with the correct software is essential.

Without it, you won’t be able to complete work to the same level of quality, so having the right tools is key to your success!


So, which is the right tool?

Two of the most popular tools for digital graphic illustration include Corel Draw and Adobe Illustrator. In this article, we’ll be comparing Corel Draw Graphics Suite X7 and the Adobe Illustrator CC subscription.

Corel Draw Graphics Suite X7 features a new, designed interface that allows you to fully customise your workspace for the ultimate workflow. You’ll have control over fills and transparency as well as having plenty of tools at your fingertips for advanced photo editing. Its enhanced drawing tools allow you to create the most precise images and graphics while making the most of the program’s new features.

Adobe Illustrator is part of Adobe’s Creative Cloud so the software will update itself to the newest version as long as your subscription is active. You can create and edit your images while keeping your colour themes, workspaces and projects organised, as well as taking advantage of Adobe’s innovative new features.


Which is better?

Which one of the two is a better will, of course, depend on your needs and what you’re planning to use the software for? Although there are many similarities between the two and they’re both great for their intended purpose, here are a few points that may sway you towards one or the other.

  • Adobe CC programs will update themselves for free during your subscription period, which is a plus if you always like to have the new and latest features.
  • With Corel Draw Graphics Suite X7, you own the software – so you won’t lose access in the future.
  • Many people say Corel Draw is easier to use than Adobe Illustrator – which is a great point to consider if you’re just getting started.
  • Adobe Illustrator is less hard on your wallet, as you can make affordable monthly payments.
  • However, Corel Draw may be cheaper in the long run, as once it’s paid for it’s yours for life.

These are just a few points to consider, so do a little research into each product, and you’ll soon learn which is more suited to your personal circumstances.


Where to Purchase Corel or Adobe Products

If you’re ready to purchase either Corel Draw or Adobe Illustrator, you can do so by visiting us at

Corel Draw Graphics Suite is usually listed at $750 USD. However, we are currently offering it for just $575.

Adobe Illustrator is available as part of the Creative Cloud subscription or individually on a subscription basis. A subscription to Creative Cloud for teams costs $76.99 per month, while an Adobe Illustrator individual CC subscription will cost you $395.88 for twelve months – at which point you can either cancel or renew your subscription.


Whichever you decide is right for you, you can buy with ease from AisplStore. Just get in touch if there’s anything at all you need to know – or anything we can do to help you with your decision!

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