Beginners Guide To AutoCAD


During the 1980’s, a group of engineers interested in simplifying how draftsmen, architects and engineers approach drawing projects, brain-stormed and came up with the idea of refining the difficult CAD processes that were popular in the 70’s. To do this, internal graphics controllers were in-built into microcomputers which allowed designers simply draw diagrams at the front end while internal graphic controllers replicated these diagrams from the back end. And in the following decades, this innovative process would revolutionize the world of designs.

In simple words, AutoCAD is a commercial software application used to draft 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional models with the aid of a computer. Although this description provides an all-encompassing explanation of what AutoCAD is used for, it does not break down its uses into the specialized units the software is known for. Therefore, I shall outline 5 practical ways in which the CAD software can be made used of.



ArchitectureAutoCAD provides its users with an intuitive user-interface that comes with built-in design lay-outs. These lay-outs include numerous templates that were specifically designed for architectural planning and building construction. So with an adequate knowledge of AutoCAD, anyone can take on projects that consist of designing architectural plans for construction purposes or building structures to be replicated in real-time.

Newer versions of AutoCAD also provide architects and builders with the analytical tools needed to analyze a building’s components and troubleshoot the stress and load levels of every support structure of a virtually designed building. This means that with AutoCAD, you can create an architectural plan, design a building and carry out specific analysis to know the building’s capacity and strengths before replicating it on a physical site.



industrial designThe drawing of engineering components, infrastructure designs and analyzing HVAC systems plays a major role in most engineering –Civil, Mechanical, Systems and Electrical engineering— fields. And to do this while minimizing human errors, the use of a computer aided design application is recommended.

AutoCAD is one of the recommended design software applications because it provides professionals in these niches with unique drafting tools that can be used to bring their engineering ideas to life with the accuracy they require. So in this stead, AutoCAD serves as software for designing mechanical components, analyzing electrical and piping systems and solving design issues that may arise.




graphic designAlthough there are arguable more advanced graphic design tools in the computer aided design community, AutoCAD’s innate features that enable its users plan out architectural spaces, map them out and take advantage of the available space makes it a formidable design tool that can be used simultaneously with 3D Max, Maya and other design/animation tools when the need arises.

AutoCAD supports the use of DWG and DXF files which can be exported from its interface to those of other advanced CAD applications to aid animation projects. This means that as an animator or graphics designer, you can take advantage of AutoCAD to create building structures and architectural plans which can now be exported for further design additions on advanced modeling applications.



PrinterTo create a 3D printed object, an individual must go through these three processes; choose the object, get a virtual 3D representation of the chosen object, and then feed the 3D printer this prototype to carry out the 3D printing process. It is clear to see—from the 3D printing process—that a model design tool or software definitely has a part to play and this is where AutoCAD comes in. With AutoCAD, 3D printing enthusiasts can create be-spoke 3D models on its workspace for use in the 3D printing process.

AutoCAD also ensures that file compatibility is not an issue for you can design your models on its interface and export your designs in the preferred ‘.stl’ format which most 3D printers and slicing software functions with.




fashionIt is important to understand that the design pattern of every diamond, shining stone or jewelry you have had the pleasure of either wearing or viewing did not come by chance but from careful design considerations and plans. AutoCAD is a design software that comes with required tools needed to draft and design virtually anything of your choice, and the design of certain fashion items is no exception.

This CAD software and intuitive interface, un-complicates the complications that comes with designing intricate shapes consisting of octagons, tetrahedrons and many more shapes you or I may have no knowledge of.




engineering draftingThe goal of every manufacturing and industrial organization is to make enough money to cover the cost accrued in producing any product and AutoCAD helps reduce that cost in many ways. With the use of its CAD interface, industrialists can design working prototypes of virtually any object as well as test its functionality during the design process.

AutoCAD provides the tools to both design the initial prototype as well as tweak its ergonomics before the need to sink money into the actually production comes up.




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Extending Customer Lockbox to SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business coming to Office 365!!!

Extending Customer Lockbox to SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business coming to Office 365

In the very rare instances when a engineer must request access to the Office 365 service, such as when troubleshooting a customer issue with a mailbox or document contents, they need to go through multiple levels of approval within Microsoft. In December, Microsoft Announced general availability of Customer Lockbox for Exchange Online, which integrates the customer into the approval process. Today, we’re pleased to announce that Customer Lockbox will begin rolling out for SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business in the second quarter of this year.



Enable external access and setting up allowed domains in Skype for Business ?

Enable external access and setting up allowed domains

  • You can use one of the following Steps to enable external access and allow access:

Use the Skype for Business admin center

    1. Go to the Office 365 admin center, in the left navigation expand ADMIN, and then click Skype for Business.
    2. In the Skype for Business admin center, in the left navigation click Organization.
    3. On the External communications page, under Public IM connectivity check let people use Skype for Business to communicate with Skype users outside your organization if it’s not already selected.
    4. Under External access, use the drop down to select on only for allowed domains.
    5. Under Blocked or allowed domains, click Add and then in the Add a domain window to add the needed domains. You need to enter each domain separately.

                    Example :

              6. Click Save.


Adobe Announces Major Updates to its Entire Photoshop and Lightroom Product Line

At Adobe, you, our customers have always been our inspiration, using the products we build to make things that we couldn’t possibly imagine ourselves. Today we announce major updates to our entire digital imaging portfolio that will enable you to continue surprising us with your creations.

First, a quick summary of the release and a glimpse of where we’re headed. We believe every creative person should have access to our tools, no matter who or where you are. We are enabling that by rapidly expanding our solutions beyond Photoshop and Lightroom, the deep and powerful desktop tools you know so well, to delivering world-class imaging tools in new ways, on new devices, completely reimagined for modern media, new technical innovations and speedier workflows. You’ll see below that all of our apps are now connected via CreativeSync, which enables you to start something on one device or in one application and seamlessly take it further in another tool—significantly increasing your freedom to create anywhere. Working together, we can erase creative boundaries and continue to have great impact on the world through beautiful images.

Today’s announcement is so broad that some product updates are immediately available while others are still undergoing finishing touches from our engineers and will ship in the coming weeks.

As always, all the updates are available to Creative Cloud members according to your plan.


Lightroom CC 2015

DhazeTablet1 copy



Today’s release covers the full Lightroom ecosystem across desktop, web, and mobile. Now your photography goes where you go even more seamlessly. Organize, edit, and share your photos from anywhere—on your computer, on the web, on your iPad, and on your iPhone or Android devices.

New in Lightroom CC Desktop:

  • Increase or decrease the amount of atmospheric haze in parts of your photos with the Graduated Filter, Radial Filter, and Adjustment Brush. 
  • Use the redesigned Import tool to get your photos into Lightroom Desktop faster than ever before by finding your photos on your camera, memory card, or hard drive, or from within Aperture or Photoshop Elements.
  • Various additional bug fixes and improvements.

New in Lightroom for mobile for iOS, version 2.0:

  • Get from shoot to finish faster with the new Adobe in-app camera on your iPad or iPhone.
  • Control haze with the newly added Dehaze filter.
  • Adjust the hue, saturation, and brightness of colors throughout your image directly with the new Target Adjustment Tool in the Color / B&W adjustment tool.
  • Send a collection of photos over the newly updated Adobe Premiere Clip 2.0 and create amazing video stories, synced to the beat of your music.
  • Get professional quality retouching with Photoshop Fix (more information about Fix below) which is now seamlessly integrated with Lightroom for mobile with CreativeSync, accessed through the new Edit In option.
  • Lightroom for mobile for iOS can now be used on your phone or tablet without a paid membership, coming soon to Android.

New in Lightroom for mobile for Android, version 1.3 includes:

  • Refine individual colors in your photos with the new Color / B&W adjustment tool.
  • Precisely control the tone of your photo with the new Tone Curve adjustment tool.
  • Bring out the best in your photos with adjustable vignettes.
  • Crop the perfect photo with a redesigned experience that enables you to quickly adjust, align, and auto-straighten.
  • TIFF files are now supported.

New in Lightroom for web:

  • Now make edits right in your browser using the most advanced online editing experience available.

You can get Lightroom from the links below:


Photoshop CC

Create anything you can imagine, anywhere you are.

Photoshop CC is a family of desktop and mobile apps, connected to each other and to your creative assets via CreativeSync, so you can tap into the power, precision, and performance of Photoshop wherever you are to create anything you can imagine—including images, 2D and 3D designs, videos, and more.

For the Photoshop family, we’re focusing on two major initiatives:

First, deliver tools where our customers can do real work on mobile devices with Photoshop Fix, Mix and Sketch, all connected to each other and our desktop products via CreativeSync for a vibrant ecosystem of new capabilities and workflows so you can push your creativity further than ever before in new locations, on new devices.

Second, we are investing in delivering new capabilities and efficiencies for designers in desktop Photoshop. Over the past two years we have made a major investment in new design tools across type and fonts, Artboards, Linked Assets, Creative Cloud Libraries, Adobe Stock, Asset Export, 3D (and MUCH more…) and with this new version we are making Design Space (preview) available to more customers and in more languages. This is a new space inside Photoshop, custom created to address the workflows of today’s web, UI and app designers.


Photoshop Fix 1.0 – NEW!


We are thrilled today to introduce and make immediately available Photoshop Fix, a new mobile app built to make non-destructive image retouching easier than ever before. With Fix, we started with the state-of-the-art retouching technology from Photoshop and Lightroom, added some new secret sauce and packaged it all up in a mobile workflow specifically designed to make retouching fast and easy while on the go, while still producing Photoshop-quality results.

Fix includes Liquify to reshape any area of an image; Healing Brush to remove image imperfections such as scratches and blemishes; Smooth to easily smooth or sharpen areas of a landscape or parts of skin; unmatched face detection that recognizes when a specific section of the face is selected and enables detailed refinements; and much more.

Fix even delivers amazing performance on images from high-end DSLRs (depending on your hardware capabilities). Try it out. I promise you won’t have seen this kind of performance on a mobile device before.

Fix is deeply connected to Lightroom and Photoshop through CreativeSync. You can edit your Lightroom images directly in Photoshop Fix and save them back to your Lightroom catalog without ever leaving Fix. Use Photoshop to open a retouched image you created in Fix and get the full, layered PSD file showing all the adjustments and masks from your Fix edits.

It is available free on iPhone and iPad.


Photoshop Mix 2.0



Today we have released Photoshop Mix 2.0. This is a major update to Mix with many new features and improvements throughout the app, including a completely new architecture that leverages Apple’s Metal framework.

Photoshop Mix is a compositing app built using Photoshop technology that delivers a deep, focused, non-destructive editing experience on a mobile device. It enables you to do real work while away from your desktop. Through CreativeSync, Mix also connects to many of Adobe’s other mobile apps like Fix for retouching workflows and Lightroom for image enhancements, so you can easily produce multifaceted projects in a completely mobile environment. Plus, if you want to take your projects even further, you can quickly move your layered and masked compositions to Photoshop CC, and benefit from all its goodness. And now, there’s even non-destructive smart filter support in Photoshop CC for Mix looks.

Just some of what’s new in Mix today:

  • More layers
  • Nine blend modes (the most popular from Photoshop) that allow textures, multiple exposure effects and more, for more serious and complex work away from the desktop
  • Nearly twice as many image adjustments
  • Support for Layer Masks to create double exposure, stencil and other creative effects
  • CreativeSync-enabled direct connection with Lightroom and the exciting, new Photoshop Fix

Mix is free and available on iPhone and iPad and Android (2.0 on Android coming soon).


AutoCAD LT 2016 vs. AutoCAD LT 2015 and preceding versions

See how the latest release of AutoCAD LT compares to AutoCAD LT 2015, AutoCAD LT 2014 and AutoCAD LT 2013.


AutoCAD LT 2016

AutoCAD LT 2015

AutoCAD LT 2014

AutoCAD LT 2013



Multi-functional grips

Object hiding and isolation

Associative arrays

Clickable command line options


Property edit preview


File tabs


Intelligent command line


New Tab


Help Find tool


Dark theme


Ribbon gallery


Improved graphics


Lasso selection


Command preview


Resizable modelspace viewports



Smart Dimensioning


Revision cloud enhancements


PDF enhancements


Optimised PDF output


Mtext superscript and subscript tools


Text Align


Geometry measurement tools

Caps lock detection


PDF publish/underlay

Object and layer transparency

Blend curves

Strikethrough text


Multiple hatch object editing


Autobullets and numbering


Mtext match properties



DGN 8 import/export/underlay

DWG convert

A360 connectivity

Design feed with Autodesk 360 drawing storage


Geolocation co-ordinate system and live maps


Design feed with local drawing storage



Customisable user interface (CUI)


Selection effect (customisation)


Online licence transfer

Migration reset

Multiple plot file search paths

Customisation and support file sync


Secure load


Autodesk Application Manager


Sysvar monitor








Update Apps To Creative Cloud 2015

The 2015 release of Creative Cloud is now available! You get access to all new versions of your favorite desktop apps, and you can download them using the Creative Cloud desktop app.


Creative Cloud desktop app provides a quick way to update all your apps to the latest version. You can individually update installed apps, or update all apps together.


Update apps

Creative Cloud desktop app displays an Update All button or Update buttons next to installed apps. Clicking Update or Update All installs the latest versions of apps on your computer. Preferences and settings are migrated over to the new version, and the previous version of the apps are uninstalled.

Save your work and close all Adobe apps before you begin.

To update the apps, do the following:
  • Open Creative Cloud desktop app and go to the Apps panel. The Apps panel displays Updatebuttons next to the apps installed on your computer.



    If you’ve installed third-party plug-ins, they may not work with the 2015 version of the apps. Contact your plug-in vendor for information about compatibility and updates.

  • Click Update All or Update. The Update confirmation dialog box displays.


  • Optionally, click Advanced Options.

    • Deselect Import previous settings and preferences. By default, settings and preferences from the previous version is migrated to the latest version. For more information, seeImport preferences and settings.
    • Deselect Remove old versions to retain previously installed versions of software. By default, all previous versions of Creative Cloud apps are uninstalled when you update to the latest version. For more information, see Remove old versions.
  • Click Update to begin updating installed apps to the latest versions.

    Note:Close all open Adobe products before you update. If Adobe apps are open, you may receive a warning to close them. For more help, see Close conflicting processes or apps.

    When the update is complete, the latest apps are ready for use. For information on how to start, see Launch Creative Cloud apps.


    Advanced options


    Use the Advanced options to specify the app update behavior. By default, all previously installed versions of Creative Cloud apps are removed and customized preferences and settings are migrated to the latest version.

    If you want to retain previously installed versions or not migrate settings, update the following options.


    Import previous settings and preferences

    When selected, applicable settings and preferences from 2014 version of apps are automatically migrated to the latest installed version. When you launch the apps, you may be prompted to import settings from 2013 and earlier versions. On updating, Dreamweaver, Edge Animate, and Muse always migrate preferences from the previous versions.
    Some apps, however, do not support migrating preferences and settings from previous versions:

    • Acrobat DC
    • Bridge
    • Speedgrade


    Remove old versions

    When selected, previously installed versions of Creative Cloud apps are removed when you update to 2015 version of the apps. For example, updating to Photoshop CC 2015, uninstalls Photoshop CC and Photoshop CC 2014.

    Some apps, however, do not support retaining the older versions. When you click Update All, previous versions of these apps are uninstalled, even if you’ve deselected the Remove old versionsoption. If you’re updating the following apps individually, the Remove old versions option is selected and cannot be changed.

    • Adobe Acrobat
    • Adobe Muse

    Do not use the Update All option, if you want to retain the older version of one of these apps. When you’re ready to update these apps, for example, when you’ve completed a current project, click the Update button next to these apps.


    Install previous versions


    If you ever need access to previous versions of apps, you can download and install them using the Creative Cloud desktop app. For more information, see Install previous versions..



All New Graphic Design In Adobe Creative Cloud

  • Real Layouts,Real Fast.

Create layouts on your iPad with new Comp CC.Then send them to Photoshop, Illustrator or InDesign to finish on your desktop.

  • Everyday Tasks , accelerated.

Thanks to Mercury Performance System enhancements , you can zoom and scroll faster in Illustrator and InDesign.Plus paging up and down is now quicker in InDesign. And you get 10x higher zoom magnification in Illustrator.

New Adobe Graphic Design

  • Fonts at your Finger Tips.

Access the rich library of desktop fonts in Adobe Typekit right from the font menu in your apps. Got a documents with a missing fonts ? The App finds matches in Typekit and prompts you to sync them with a single click.

  • Find the Perfect Image or Graphic , fast

New Adobe Stock offers tens of millions of high-quality, royalty-free photos and graphics — all available from InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator in just a few clicks.

Use New Adobe Comp CC to start a layout on the go. Then Finish it up in new Adobe InDesign CC


Use New Adobe Shape CC to turn any sketch into a vector.Then Refine your art in New Adobe Illustrator CC


Use Adobe Color CC to browse themes from other users around you and save them to your libraries.
Color generates themes you can use in Adobe desktop apps like Photoshop and Illustrator, and new Adobe mobile apps like Illustrator Draw and Photoshop Sketch.

Create Color Themes—- All you need is your iPhone, iPad, Android device or any existing image to capture and create color themes.

Interactive Color Wheel— Edit or refine color themes and experiment with different combinations with this fun and intuitive app.

Preset Color Modes—-Create color themes with presets based on color theory. Great for getting started or quick inspiration

Creative Cloud Libraries–Color themes are automatically saved to Creative Cloud Libraries so they’re accessible in Adobe apps. You can also share Libraries with your team directly from the app.

Share , Tag ,Comment—-Share your color themes — and the images that inspired them. Be sure to tag them with descriptive words so they’re easy to find. Or get inspired by themes shared by others

Sync to Adobe Color Service—Themes are automatically synced to the Color service so you can use them in other Adobe desktop apps, including Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign, and Adobe mobile apps like Illustrator Draw and more



Edit once, update everywhere
Assets in Creative Cloud Libraries can now be linked so that when a change is made to an asset, you and your team members have the option of updating it across any Illustrator, Photoshop or InDesign projects where it’s used.

Find the perfect image or graphic, fast
The new Adobe Stock marketplace lets you find, license and manage royalty-free images and vectors from within Illustrator CC. Select from 40 million assets, save your selection to your Creative Cloud Libraries and then drag it into your project to use.

10x faster zoom, pan and scroll
Thanks to a Mercury Performance System boost, you can pan, zoom and scroll more than 10 times faster and more smoothly without slow, stepped changes.

10x greater zoom magnification
Zoom into your artwork up to 64,000% (up from 6400%) so you can create and edit with greater precision.

Adobe Illustrator 1

Never lose your work

Recover your work if Illustrator crashes and you’ve forgotten to save. Just relaunch and your file will be restored. Illustrator gives you the option of quickly diagnosing what caused the crash, such as a corrupt font or out-of-date driver or missing plug-in.

Integrated with new Adobe Comp CC
Create layouts for print, web or mobile on your iPad. Pull creative assets into Comp from your or your team’s shared Creative Cloud Libraries, and then instantly send your layouts to Illustrator. All your text, images and graphics are live and fully editable.

Use Sketch art in large-format designs
Scale Photoshop Sketch drawings up to four times their original size with no loss in quality.
Creative Cloud Charts (Preview)
Create custom graphs, charts and infographics from your own data, using a simple, intuitive interface. Charts can be easily customized by replacing the standard chart designs with Illustrator artwork to create beautiful data-driven visualizations.

And so much more
Also includes: New freeform merge/subtract mode for the Shapebuilder tool, Curvature tool updates for more flexible drawing, multiple enhancements to the Touch Workspace, and much more.