How do I modify the JDK commands

The procedure is the same for all tools. For example, to add the “classpath” command line switch to the Compile Java command:

1. From the Configure menu, choose Preferences.

2. On the Preferences dialog box, click the “+” next to Tools.

3. Select “Compile Java”.

4. In the Parameters box, type: -classpath “$FileDir;path” $File where path is a fully qualified folder name. Place quotes around it, as shown, if it contains spaces.

5. Click OK.


How do I add the JDK commands

The Java™ Development Kit (JDK) is a product from Sun Microsystems for developing Java applications. It can be downloaded from We do not support it in any way, except for the interface with TextPad, described below, so please check that web page for support information. Very Important: To be able to use it with TextPad, the JDK must be installed using its setup program. This writes information to the registry, which TextPad cannot work without. After you have installed the JDK, as described in its installation instructions, you can add commands to compile and run Java applications and applets to TextPad’s Tools menu as follows:

A. From the Configure menu, choose Preferences.

B. Select the Tools page on the Preferences dialog box.

C. Click Add.

D. Select “JDK Commands” from the drop down menu.

E. Click OK.

You can assign shortcuts to any of these commands using the Keyboard page on the Preferences dialog box.


A. The option to add JDK commands only appears on that menu, if none of your tools runs JAVAC.EXE, JAVA.EXE or APPLETVIEWER.EXE.

B. The JDK commands are automatically added to the Tools menu, if the JDK is installed before TextPad is first run on a PC.

Do not attempt to capture the output of a Java application which reads from standard input. The Command Results window is output only, so you will not be able to type responses into it.