How You Can Make the Most of Skype for Business

How You Can Make The Most Of Skype For Business


If you run a business, you might have already considered whether you’re using all of the best software for your needs.

But sometimes it’s the simpler programs and applications that get overlooked – such as Skype. But wait – how can you use Skype for your business? You may not have realised Skype for Business is an actual offering from Skype. Here are several ways you could be making the most of it as you run your company or organisation.


International calls will no longer be an issue.

One of the best things about Skype is that it’s essentially borderless. You can use it call anyone around the world – whenever you like, at a much better rate. Plus, you won’t have to remember all of the different calling codes! This is great to know if you work with people all around the world.


You’ll be saving a lot of money on your monthly phone bill.

Whether you’re making international calls or just calling someone within your local area, the cost of making many phone calls each day can soon add up.

Skype is known for its affordable rates – and you’ll save even more by integrating Skype for business and keeping organised while staying in touch with your contacts. If they’re all in one place, that’s fewer calls to make!


You can manage employee accounts.

With Skype for business, you can incorporate employee accounts and manage them effectively through the system. This is ideal for when you need your employees to call someone on behalf of the company.


The collaboration will be easier than ever.

While the original, free version of Skype is great for collaborating with up to 25 people, Skype for Business will allow you to add up to 250 to your meetings, ensuring everyone in the company can stay up to date on what’s going on.


Skype for Business will integrate with Microsoft Office 365.

Skype for Business is part of Microsoft Office 365 and will integrate seamlessly with your Office apps. You’ll be able to check the statuses of your contacts, use Outlook to schedule Skype meetings, and even start a conversation right from Word or Powerpoint!


All your conversations will be protected.

Skype for Business uses strong authentication and encryption to ensure that all of your conversations are well protected, as well as keeping your accounts safe.


These alone are great reasons to consider using Skype for business, as well as the benefits you’re probably already familiar with when using regular Skype. Give it a try, and consider how it could make a difference to the way you get things done.


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