Nitro PDF Vs. Adobe Acrobat Std – Which is Best?

Nitro PDF Vs. Adobe Acrobat Std – Which is Best?


If you’re looking for a good PDF reader and editor, you may have considered a variety of options to download. The most common are perhaps Adobe Acrobat Standard Edition, however, some of the alternatives are just as good – even better!

For now, we’ve compared some of the top two – Adobe Acrobat Std and Nitro PDF. It’s time to weigh up the pros and cons!


Adobe Acrobat

  • Adobe is part of the Adobe set of products, which are universally known as the ‘industry standard’ – an appealing trait to many prospective buyers.
  • Due to its popularity, many people feel that Adobe has stronger compatibility.
  • If you have a subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud, you’ll already have Acrobat, so you’ll be saving money by choosing this one.
  • Adobe Acrobat is available on a subscription basis, meaning you’ll always have the latest version. The program will automatically update itself with the latest updates, patches, features and more.


Nitro PDF

  • Nitro PDF is considered by many to be the better product of the two, and it actually has more features than Adobe!
  • It has a more user-friendly toolbar and easy file managing system, as well as a Smart Alignment tool to make working with PDFs easier.
  • Aside from that, it can do everything Adobe Acrobat Std can do!
  • Once you own Nitro PDF, you own it for life, making it the more affordable choice in the long run and better value for money.


But which is best?

Obviously, these are both great programs, but all businesses will have different needs. Why not take a further look at each one and learn more? Considering you get even more for your money with Nitro, many business users tend to see it as the better option, ensuring they have everything they need at a reasonable price point.

On the other hand, some are happy with the subscription based appeal of Adobe Acrobat and like that they’re using the industry standard.

Essentially, it’s preference – and what you do on a day to day basis will determine which is the right product for you.


If you’ve decided that Nitro PDF could be the right PDF reader and editor for you, you’ll be pleased to know that it’s available right here at AisplStore. We are currently offering Nitro Pro 11 for just R 8,900 so check it out today.

If you have any questions about which PDF program could be the best one for your needs, get in touch with AisplStore today to learn more!

What Is Nitro Professional? Here’s Why You Need It

As a business owner, you’ll no doubt come across a few PDF files from time to time. But what many people find to be a downside of PDFs is that they require a certain kind of software to open, edit and use effectively.

That’s why it’s worth knowing the best PDF editing software on the market and understanding what you can use it for.

Our recommendation is Nitro Pro V 10 (previously known as Nitro PDF Professional), which is available right here at AisplStore.


What is Nitro Pro V 10?

Nitro Pro V 10 is a feature rich PDF management software that allows PDF creation and editing enhanced PDFs for business. Users can also join, alter, sign and share their PDFs and can rest assured knowing their files are 100% industry standard compliant.

Read on to discover some of its benefits!


You can create PDFs that are universally compatible.

There’s nothing more frustrating than creating a PDF file, only to have the recipient tell you it won’t open using their software.

The files created using Nitro Pro are universally compatible, meaning they will work with any PDF reader on any device. They are also Adobe Acrobat compatible.


It’s easy to convert your PDF files.

Your files can be easily converted to work with Microsoft Office, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. You can also create PDFs from with the Office suite as long as Nitro Pro is installed.


Editing is a breeze too.

Editing PDF software can be complicated, but there’s no need for complication with Nitro Pro. You can alter text, fonts, layouts and more.

Plus, you can even edit scanned documents thanks to the software’s Optical Character Recognition (OCR).


Make shared projects even simpler.

If you’re working with someone on a project that involves PDF files, you’ll likely get tired of sending edited PDFs back and forth.

Avoid that with Nitro Pro! The software allows users to collaborate on the same file and share their updates with easy markup and revision tools.


Sign off on those important documents.

With Nitro Pro, you can sign and certify your documents in the most secure way possible. Your work will always be secure and your confidential information will always be kept private and safe. You can rest easy as your own personal signature is added seamlessly to any PDF file.


All those benefits aside, one of the best parts of having a high-quality PDF software is that you’ll no longer have to scramble to find the correct program to open the file with – plus, there will be no more struggles if your PDFs need editing.

That alone could save you countless minutes that could be better spent on something more productive at work.

So if you’re looking for the perfect PDF software to use for business, check out Nitro Pro V 10 here at AisplStore!