Why is MathMac Pro Edition so much more expensive than Personal Edition

MathMagic Pro Editons come with more: InDesign plug-ins or QuarkXPress XTensions which handle equations more efficiently within InDesign or QuarkXPress, and more fonts.
It also comes with other advanced features, like color EPS handling, more control overs spacing and equation shape, more Nudge adjustment, and more.

And, the Pro Editions are more vertical market products than Personal Edition.
Pro Editions and XTensions are for those Pro-sumers who make money using MathMagic and it helps them get high quality results efficiently. MathMagic Pro brings a ROI(return-on-investment) within 1 week by enabling you the ability to deal with quality equations in one tenth of the time of the more conventional methods.
Pro Edition targets some portion (less than 10%) of InDesign users or QuarkXPress users compared to Personal Edition’s general users and education market.

We provide free unlimited email based customer support. And free inbound phone calls as well at the moment. Pro edition users require more support, affecting the price as well.


What is the difference between MathMagic Pro Edition and MathMagic Personal Edition?

MathMagic Pro Edition and MathMagic Personal Edition are standalone applications. They have very similiar interfaces and features. Pro edition adds some high-end features, like Color EPS export for professional users, and it also comes with a special plug-in or XTension that enables the seamless interaction with Adobe InDesign or QuarkXPress depending on which one you buy. Pro editions let users create and edit equations right from within your InDesign or QuarkXPress documents without going through an EPS export/import routine, by double-clicking or right-button-clicking on an equation.
Pro Edition can also be used with many other word processors or graphic software including Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

MathMagic Personal Edition(PE) is a standalone application for general users including students, teachers, professors, engineers, as well as pro users. MathMagic PE is available for Macintosh Mac OS X, Windows XP~, Android, and Java.
MathMagic PE version does not come with any XTensions or Plug-ins. But most of the features and User Interface are very much similar to the Pro Edition.
MathMaigc PE is designed to be used with other word processors(AppleWorks, Pages, MS Word, Nisus, Mellel, …), presentation software(Keynote, PowerPoint, …), or graphic software(Illustrator, Photoshop, …). It functions as a supplement, where you create equations simply and quickly, and then insert those equations into the documents of a wide range of applications via Drag and Drop, Copy & paste, or by exporting to a file.


Can MathMagic solve the equations you build?

No. MathMagic is designed for equation typesetting for technical documents, not for solving equations. MathMagic does not discriminate whether an equation uses meaningful or correct notation. MathMagic allows you to enter any equations that you can build with the editing tools. So it does not require you to have Mathematical knowledge or background.

The superior equation quality and the fast and easy user interface that is simple to learn for both novice and experienced user makes MathMagic unique.

Actually many of our users don’t even like math, but they can still create greatlooking equations faster than mathematicians. All thanks to MathMagic!

If you are looking for equation solving software, by the way, there are several products available: MathCAD™, MATLAB™, Maple™, Mathematica™, LabVIEW™, LiveMath™, and so on.


What is [Math+Magic]™ ?

[Math+Magic] is the logo and the trademark of MathMagic products.
Normally we pronounce and write it as MathMagic for general text compatibility. It also simply and clearly represents the features and characteristics of the MathMagic equation editor.


What is MathMagic?

MathMagic is an equation editor with a very easy user interface including WYSIWYG editing capability, powerful & customizable features, publishing quality equations, and productivity.

MathMagic is available in a few different versions:

  • MathMagic Lite, a Free equation editor, Mac OS X & Android OS
  • MathMagic Personal Edition, Mac OS X & Windows
  • MathMagic Pro Edition for Adobe InDesign, Mac OS X & Windows
  • MathMagic Prime Edition for Adobe InDesign

MathMagic is an Award-winning equation editor with powerful features and yet easy-to-use interface. MathMagic lets you write beautiful equations and symbols very easy and fast whether you are good at Math or not. Its equation quality is designed to meet the high-end DTP professionals’ requirements.

MathMagic is designed to use with any word processors, DTP layout software, presentation, or graphic software. Equations can be used by drag&drop, copy&paste, or export/import. MathMagic Pro Editions come with accompanying plug-ins or XTensions to let you write or edit equations right inside the InDesign or QuarkXPress documents without going through export/import.

The superior quality and productivity of MathMagic has been accepted by many professors, teachers, students, University presses, large publishers, online contents providers, and government research centers in more than 80 countries around the world since its debut in 1998.