Frequently Ask Questions

What is office 365?

  1. Office 365 is delivered to users through the cloud and includes Exchange Online for email, SharePoint Online for collaboration, Lync Online for unified communications, and a suite of Office Web Apps, Web-based versions of the traditional Microsoft Office suite of applications.

How do I create a shortcut on my desktop to Outlook Web App?

Mac and Windows users can create a convenient shortcut that will allow them to double click an icon on their desktop to open Outlook Web App:

Windows Users

  1. Right click on an empty area of your Windows desktop.
    2. SelectNew and Shortcut.
    3. In the “Type the location” space, enter the following:
    4. Click Next, and enter the following in the “Type a name” space: Outlook Web App
    5. Click Finish.

Mac Users

1. Open Safari.
2. Type in the following address in the address bar, but do not press the return key:
3. Highlight the address you just typed in your address bar.
4. Click and drag the address and drop it on your Mac desktop.

Note: This method will also work in Firefox, but if Safari is your default web browser, it will launch when the shortcut is clicked. Directions for changing the default browser on a Mac are available here under the “Choosing a default browser” section:


Is this a good use of tax dollars

Yes! The government has a vested interest in the ever-expanding capability of semiconductor-based information technology and in academic research to maintain the same. The American university system is an important arm of U.S. semiconductor technology research and it benefits significantly from the program, receiving resources for salaries, equipment and upgraded facilities. In addition, by helping ensure the health of a major U.S. industry, the program makes a significant investment in the future of the U.S. economy


Who owns the intellectual property?

STARnet participants receive worldwide, non-transferable, royalty-free, non-exclusive license to inventions and works of authorship (e.g., software) resulting from STARnet-funded research. MARCO will sub-license such inventions and works of authorship, as appropriate, to STARnet  members


How are the STARnet centers evaluated?

FCRP contracts are rebid every five years. The STARnet program and centers are reviewed every year and adjusted, if necessary, to adapt to changes in technology development. In addition each center conducts quarterly and annual technology reviews where sponsors provide feedback to guide the research direction.


Who conducts the STARnet research?

Professors, post-doctoral researchers, industry assignees and graduate students will conduct research using university facilities and equipment. Multi-year contracts, covering the cost of equipment, facilities and research, have been set up with sponsoring organizations. U.S. government laboratories could perform research as well.


How does STARnet relate to other semiconductor industry research activities, including the program of research already funded by SEMATECH and GRC

Most industry research is, by design, narrowly focused on shorter-term solutions to existing problems: i.e., it looks atevolutionary approaches. This research is very important to the current health of the industry, but in many cases it does not address longer-term needs, where revolutionary approaches may be required because of impending technology barriers. STARnet will perform longer-term, more broad-based research, with the goal of expanding the knowledge base of the semiconductor industry. Researchers at STARnet centers will generate ideas for technology solutions, which GRC and SEMATECH will direct to companies for commercialization as appropriate


Why was the STARnet Program developed?

The semiconductor industry is subject to rapid technology change and demands for fast returns on investment. To sustain the historically intense pace, the industry must eliminate technological barriers identified by the ITRS. Most current industry research efforts address shorter-term needs, but to ensure its future, the industry must conduct longer-term, exploratory research as well. STARnet will focus on creating technology options through longer-term research.