10 Reasons to Consider Using CorelDraw Graphics Suite X8

10 Reasons To Consider Using CorelDraw Graphics Suite X8


If you have an interest or career that focuses on digital imagery, you may be wondering which is the best tool for digital illustration.

By default, many people find their mind goes directly to Adobe Illustrator, especially as Creative Cloud is often hailed as the ‘industry standard’.

However, that’s not to say that there aren’t plenty of other great alternatives on the market. One such product you should consider is CorelDraw Graphics Suite X8 – and here are ten reasons why!


1. CorelDraw’s features are based on what existing users want.

A lot of the features in CorelDraw are based on requests by existing users – proving that the company really does want the best for designers who use the platform.


2. It can save you a lot of time throughout the design process, with its quick tools.

CorelDraw features plenty of time-saving tools, including full workspace customisation that can help you create a faster and more natural workflow.


3. It can take care of your typeface needs too, with Corel Font Manager.

You’ll have access to the Corel Font Manager tool, which gives you plenty of font-related tools without having to install them individually.


4. CorelDraw Graphics Suite X8 is easier than ever to use.

If you sometimes struggle when working with new software, you’ll be glad to know that CorelDraw Graphics Suite X8 features new learning tools designed to help you with setting up and using your design space.


5. It features great sharing and output support.

CorelDraw supports all the industry standard file formats, ensuring you can create and deliver the correct product as needed.


6. Corel is often ahead of the game.

You may think of Adobe as being cutting edge, but there are several features added to Adobe Illustrator in the latest versions that have actually been around for years on CorelDraw, such as multiple artboards.


7. Your work in CorelDraw can be limitless.

One thing designers often love about CorelDraw is that it’s not as limiting as Illustrator in terms of size. Illustrator places a maximum restriction on your workspace, while Corel does not.


8. You’ll get to be part of a community.

When you buy CorelDraw Graphics Suite X8, you’ll also get to sign up to the new SDK and Developer Community, where you can keep up with other designers who use CorelDraw.


9. It’s more affordable than Adobe Illustrator.

Corel products are known for being cheaper than Adobe and just as good in terms of quality – in some cases even better!


10. It can be bought with ease from AisplStore.

If you’re looking to buy CorelDraw Graphics Suite X8, you can order it with ease from AisplStore.com.



After taking those into account, we expect that you might be a little more interested in CorelDraw Graphics Suite X8 and what it has to offer. Remember – the most popular choice isn’t always the best choice for your individual needs.

To learn more about CorelDraw Graphics Suite X8, get in touch with us at AisplStore.com. Or, if you’re ready to get started with your new software, place an order today!