Nowadays you have got certain graduates that simply cannot actually create the brands

Nowadays you have got certain graduates that simply cannot actually create the brands

You can rest assured that there needs to be a complete review of brand new physical outlook of one’s universities, glance at the pedagogical articles. You will find a class which is meant for 100 and you may you may have 500. You to class room was meant for a hundred and there were 400 students and i failed to know the place to start but that is just what is happening.

Glance at the issue of holiday accommodation, in which regarding the 7 students try craft on the one to room or in which pupils have to go beyond your hostel to help you live in substandard conditions and are usually exposed to discipline of all ways. So there is a lot out of decay when you look at the system, a number of demoralization.

Now check out the labs, that isn’t an overstatement. We spotted a lab where these people were improvised to make use of kerosene stove to have titration because of their research really works. We said exactly what? That it a great Nigerian college or university in which I have to teach my personal children to trust outside of the field. Therefore everything is crappy.

Because a professional chancellor, I really don’t enter into things, I simply take a seat, hold council meetings, drink tea, get conclusion, debate and you will wade. Therefore we come in a number of issues.

It can’t feel leg-jerk; it cannot getting advertising-hoc

I decided to go to the computer technology service of this college and you may the students who had been studying pc research do not have access to computer. Discover 20 hosts and you may students whom come in during the good day go for about two hundred. Therefore i requested the latest lecturer how do you do it and he said really, I have a timetable in their eyes but even you to plan try for approximately 100 and this which two hundred is not every my people as I’ve on another three hundred, eight hundred. Read more