Can I import MathType™ files into MathMagic?


MathMagic Personal Edition and Pro Edition v2.0 or newer for Windows support importing MathType™ documents saved in EPS or WMF format although there are some limitation in reading some certain templates or symbols due to feature differences.

MathMagic also supports Copy&Paste of MathType equation objects into the MathMagic window directly from MS Word™ documents or the MathType™ window.

v5.8 or newer version of MathMagic Personal & Pro Editions for Macintosh supports reading MathType 5 and 6 equations saved in PICT, GIF, and EPS.
And Copy & Paste and Drag and Drop is also supported. In MathType v5.x, MathML or AMS LaTeX should be specified from Preferences -> Translators menu.

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